Custom Cruisers

These very competitively priced tires have E-approval and are made by the same manufacturer as the "Monster" series tires. Available in most popular sizes for Harley-Davidson as well as extra wide and large diameter sizes for use on Custom bikes. The VRM302F thread pattern is specifically designed for use as a front tire, where the VRM302R pattern is intended for use as a rear tire. A limited number of sizes is also available with a Wide White Wall for that true Old Skool look. All Vee Rubber tires are Tubeless but can be used as tube type tire too. Vee Rubber tires are "E" and DOT approved, with the exception of the 200/50R18 rear tires. These are DOT approved. For this tire "E" approval is in progress at the time this is going to print.


Vee Rubber VRM302F front tires
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
MH90B21 MC 56H Tubeless
Vee Rubber VRM302R rear tires
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
140/90B16 MC 77H Tubeless
180/50B18 MC 71H Tubeless

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